About Oscar Ranzo

A Fellow of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, USA, Oscar Ranzo is the most popular children's author in Uganda.

Oscar Katumwa Ranzo

Oscar was born in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa to a local businessman and nurse. When Oscar was four years old, his father was abducted by government soldiers and was never seen again, leaving him and five siblings to be raised by a single mother. 

Oscar's dream to be a writer began in high school, although his mother wanted him to become a doctor. He was sponsored by Save the Children to complete his schooling and then obtained a Diploma in Fisheries Science and Technology. But, Oscar never abandoned his desire to write. 

Oscar and The Oasis Book Project 

Oscar continued to write part-time until 2011, when his first children's book (Saving Little Viola) was published by Lively Minds with the distribution funded by UNICEF, he was prompted by the great reception accorded to that book to write and produce more. 

Saving Little Viola was shortly followed by The Little Maid , The Wise Milkboy,  The Jewels of Amuria and Dad's Party,  and the five will soon be joined  by Tree to Heaven . 

About the Jewels of Amuria

This book takes us back to the time before the European explorers came to Africa. Where there lived a tribal chief called Luba. He was famous for winning many raids, having  many heads of cattle, being wealthy, having many wives, many  children and having the most beautiful daughters who were referred to as, the Jewels of Amuria by many.

 Luba was proud of his daughters and loved them too much. And as time elapsed, he was saddened by the fact that his daughters were being married off one after the other. 

He then decided to chase away the suitors by placing an unbelievable demands as dowries  and for some he even asked for an unthinkable  challenges to overcome before giving them his daughters. To his dismay capable suitors passed the tests and walked away with all of his daughters.

Its an amazing book with such great lessons!


About Dad's Party

About Jomo's Car

This book portrays how a young and active boy called Jomo skillfully uses two sticks to  roll a tyre. And he calls  the two sticks plus the tyre his car to play with. He loves to play with his car everyday from noon till dusk.

The book is not only interesting to read  out loud but also allows children to excitingly  learn the alphabets with verbs and vocabularies while feeding their eyes with colorful pictures.

About Kairu's Secret

This book tackles the life of a boy by the name, Kairu. He is well known as a time keeper and   the cleanest boy.The desire of being the cleanest boy with an award in a school called  for Kairu to keep his weakness  as  one who wets his bed at night. However,  this secret is not hidden for long because hell broke loose on him when he forgets to wake up early  to  lay his bed as he used to.

One fateful morning, the dorm captain saw a stream of urine flowing under Kairu 's bunk. And he immediately alerted their matron and the news spread like a bush fire. As a result the matron castigated him for fooling the whole school with his cleanliness and he lost a medal  for being the cleanest boy.

From Kairu's story children learn the importance of hygiene and basic facts about bed wetting and being honest.

Get yourself a copy to know the whole story.


About Miracle In Amuru

This book is about albinism and oil formation. It talks about a boy called Jah, who is an albino ( his general appearance seems to be different from  the rest of other children) especially his skin. Therefore, he was discriminated by other children at home and in schools. Even the village Shaman calls him an omen. However a bishop who lives in the same village loves him the way he is. 

As a herds boy, one evening Jah took the cattle to the well to quench their thirst but the water had turned black and sticky at the same time and he was astonished and confused. Unfortunately he was blamed for that. Later on, Jah and the rest of the village learnt that the black water is not a curse but rather a fortune. Since the black water is crude oil.

Its a  must read book for it educates and calls for critical thinking in children.

About Saving Little Viola
About The Little Maid  

About The Wise Milkboy

About Jomo's Gift

This book talks about a boy  called Jomo, who got a hen as a Christmas gift from his grandmother. He named her Nambi. A nest was built for Nambi by Jomo. He hopes that she will lay many eggs so that he sells them for his school fees. When she started laying eggs, this excites Jomo and he starts counting every egg every single day and tells his mother about it.

Jomo also did the same when Nambi hatched, he counted the chicks and they were ten.

The book helps the children to know how to count numerically.

About Tree To Heaven

In 2012, Oscar founded The Oasis Book Project, a small grass-roots not-for-profit organization, with the major aim of promoting the reading and writing cultures in his home country. In 2013, He spent the fall semester at the University of Iowa, USA, as a Writer in Residency  for the International Writing Program. 

His children's stories have been read and loved by thousands of children, rural and urban alike.

Oscar is passionate about increasing the incredibly low literacy levels among Ugandan children by providing culturally-specific tales which also educate about relevant risk issues.

Unlike most African writers, his stories are representative of 'normal' Africans, and are written in a style that puts good story-telling before everything else. 

Courtesy of Lively Minds

Oscar in the media 

Oscar's other writing projects 

In his spare time, Oscar writes novels for people of older ages that appeal to readers from all over the world. 

The novels are usually about relevant and contemporary issues in Uganda, and they fearlessly tackle topics that most of his contemporaries are hesitant to write about. 

Recently, Ranzo released his novel Cross Pollination on Amazon (click on the icon to purchase your copy).



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