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Pioneer of Save Our Folk Tales (SOFT)

Saraya Namirembe

Saraya Namirembe

Saraya was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. She attended Gayaza Juniour School and Nabisunsa Girls School for both O and A levels.  She holds a degree in Entrepreneurship from Makerere University Business School. saraya is passionate about preserving Uganda's folk tales and is the pioneer of the Save Our Folk Tales (SOFT) project. 

The SOFT project aims at collecting, preserving and publishing Ugandan folk tales in both English and local languages. She believes that we are not celebrating the genius of our stories enough. Her first two titles have been written in Luganda and English. Her latest book is "The Hare and the Lion."

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Saraya's Books

Saraya's books: The Hare and The Hyena and The Hare and the Ogre are currently available for sale in a number of retail stores around Uganda and in other countries around the world


The Hare and The Hyena review to be updated soon

The Hare and The Hyena

Her children's stories have been read and loved by thousands of children, rural and urban alike worldwide.

Reviews for 'The Hare and the Ogre' to be posted here soon

Reviews for 'The Hare and the Lion' to be posted here soon


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