Uganda and literacy 


Uganda is located in East Africa, on the equator, and experiences a tropical climate. In 2002, the national population was 24.2 milllion with 12% living in urban areas (3).


Story telling in Uganda 

Story telling has always been a part of the Ugandan culture. Most commonly, stories are told verbally, often outside, under the shelter of a big mango tree. 

Children's literacy in Uganda 

The 2012 National Assessment of Progress in Education findings showed that 75% of pupils in Ugandan Primary schools fail to acquire the required literary proficiency - of at least 50% by the time they get to Primary 6 (around age 12 and 13). As such, these pupils find it hard to read a story and/or other texts and understand well enough to be able to answer questions, identify opposites and write relevant composition with correct format (2). 


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